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In this topic, you will find basic information relating to Social Insurance and Health Insurance and relates:

  • Social Insurance: employers contribute 15% and employees contribute 5% of total salary.
  • Health Insurance: employers contribute 2% and employees contribute 1% of total salary.
  • Compulsory social insurance applies only to enterprises that engage employees under a labor contract with a term of three months or more or under indefinite-term labor contracts, regardless of the size of the enterprises.
  • Labor contracts with less than 3-month duration: social insurance premiums shall be included in the salaries.
  • Application file for compulsory social insurance:
    • Declaration form of employee;
    • List of employees engaged in compulsory social insurance, prepared by the employer;
    • Copy of Decision for Establishment, or Business Registration License or Operating License required for employer to engage in compulsory social insurance for the first time;
    • Labor contract is required for an employer who is individual, but who also hires labor.
  • Procedure for issuing social insurance book:
    • Within 30 days from the date of signing a labor contract, employer submits the application file for compulsory social insurance to the social insurance agency.
    • Within 30 days from the date of receiving the complete application file, the social insurance agency shall issue the social insurance book.  In case of refusal, there shall be written explanation.

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