Vietnam loves Metaverses more than any other country, study finds

Vietnamese people are most positive about the metaverse, with 56.8% of Twitter posts about the virtual words in favor of them.

The Metaverse, which brings our sci-fi-inspired dreams of virtual reality to life, has its origins in 1990s nostalgia. However, there are significant differences in how people from different countries perceive it, with some embracing the concept of a virtual world and others detesting it.

Coin Kickoff’s latest study using HuggingFace, an AI sentiment analysis tool, to examine 1,662,990 tweets related to the Metaverse. The goal was to determine which countries had the most positive attitudes towards the Metaverse, and Vietnam emerged as the top-ranked country.

Here’s a peek at the rankings:

Metaverse Interest and Sentiment Around the World. Credit to: coinkickoff

Vietnam possesses a significant opportunity to drive innovation in the Metaverse, as it has an emerging tech hub centered around gaming and fintech. The research indicates that individuals in Vietnam demonstrate the highest level of enthusiasm towards the Metaverse, with 56.1% of tweets related to it exhibiting positive sentiment.

Moreover, five of the top ten nations with a positive outlook towards the Metaverse are situated in Southeast Asia, emphasizing the region’s positive outlook towards extended reality technology. One of Vietnam’s most popular Metaverse games, Axie Infinity, had a player base of at least 2.5 million at the start of 2022 and is one of the most promising prospects in Metaverse technology.