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International Corporate Services Provider
September 06, 2021
Corporate Services

Our client is an international corporate services provider – who have helped families to take care of their wealth, entrepreneurs to succeed, multinational companies to operate and transact, and funds to maximize their returns – is seeking to buy established Corporate Services Provider (payroll, company secretarial, licensing, reporting)

The target could be a Vietnam, Malaysia based and licensed management company, providing administration services to institutional clients in Vietnam and South East Asia countries.

If you know any company with that intention, please contact us via email: or  Phone/WhatsApp at + 84383001977 for further discussion.

Some of main information is needed as below:


  • Establishment background:
  • Charter capital: (in VND or USD)
  • Ownership structure:
  • Headquarters:
  • Number of branches:
  • Key clients (by industries or services):


  • Company Formation and  Market entry services
  • Administration & Transactional Services
  • Real Estate Services
  • Capital Markets and Structured Finance
  • Tax Compliance Services
  • Immigration Services
  • Employee Benefits & Incentives Services
  • Accounting Services
  • Payroll Services

Resource: (as of June 2021)

  • Number of full-time staff:
  • Number of short-term staff for outsourcing:
  • Network in xxx cities/ provinces of Vietnam and region (if any):

Financial information (as of June 2021), can be in VND or USD

  • Total Assets: xxx (Increased by ?% compared to previous year).
  • Revenue: xxx (Increased by ?% compared to previous year).
  • Monthly cash flow:
  • Profit before tax in 2020: (Increased by ? % compared to previous year).

Expected price:

  • Opt.1: 100%: Legal/ charter capital multiple with ? times.
  • Opt.2: > 51%: Legal/ charter capital multiple with ? times


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