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Business TransformationThe world is changing fast—and organizations must change to unlock their full potential.

Most of business transformation programs fail, largely because most companies lack a disciplined approach. Our solution of transformation offerings helps our clients flip the odds to achieve extraordinary results for their organizations. GBS’s transformation approaches are underpinned by proprietary tools and technologies to enable real, sustained change.

Most CEOs consider business transformation to be a top priority, and they’re aware of the high failure rates of the programs. But many executives rely on anecdotal evidence to try to improve their odds of success.

We help these leaders take a decidedly different approach—one that relies on empirical evidence of what really leads to a successful transformation for combating strategic crises (including declining profitability and shrinking market share).

How we can help?

We work with CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, CMOs, and other members of the C-suite to explore the drivers of business disruption and then frame creative, advantageous business and operating model transformations designed to capitalize on disruption and maximize the value generated by key company capabilities.

We leverage our unique approach, tools, and methodologies to help clients through each phase of business transformation, from the discovery process of imagining and framing a solution to delivering the optimal design for your organization to providing the structural support to scale and sustain the value of the transformation over time.

Our business transformation consultants work shoulder to shoulder with clients to help change their companies’ trajectories—no matter where they are on their transformation journeys.

Business Transformation Services
Project Management Office

Project Management Office will evolve as a strategic collaborator, an agent for organizational change translating strategy to business outcomes delivered through projects

Strategy and planning

Our strategic planning services will help you define your vision, mission and develop objectives to take your business to the next level

Change management

We offer a comprehensive approach to organizational transformations that helps leaders achieve smooth transitions with minimal disruption to the business

Organizational redesign

GBS helps you with the integration of structure, processes, and people to support the implementation of strategy and therefore goes beyond the traditional tinkering with “lines and boxes.”

Process design

Effective business processes must be scalable and capable of being replicated, we can help you to create them right from scratch

Cost optimization

We support your organization to optimize the cost for increased business performance through right strategies and investments

Strategies for owning the disruption
The keys to business transformation

Our keys to business transformation include:

  • Be strategic: Articulate a clear, testable thesis of how the enterprise will win through this transformation
  • Understand clients: We need to ensure that you have the processes, resources, and talent to achieve the new goals you’ve set
  • Drive value: Be explicit in defining the step-change value you will create, how and when you’ll get it
  • Agile and Flexible: Keep current with the ever-changing environment and your transformation progress
Why you should choose GBS

Our clients chose us because of:

  • Our deliverables: We can deliver business model and operating model change to unlock value for shareholders, customers, employees, and the community
  • Driving change: We prepare for all contingencies to help ensure that leaders are aligned, prepared, capable, and motivated to drive major change
  • Maximizing value: We are defined by our collaborative culture that enables us to work naturally and effectively with our clients and network of alliances to maximize value

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