M&A Opportunity: Human resources business for acquisition in Vietnam

Our partner, a foreign investor is looking for a HR business services provider for acquisition, if you know any company with that intention, please contact us via email: ask@gbs.com.vn or  Phone/WhatsApp at + 84383001977 for further discussion.

Some of main information is needed as below:


  • Establishment background:
  • Charter capital: (in VND orUSD)
  • Ownership structure:
  • Headquarters:
  • Number of branches:
  • Key clients (by industries or services):

Services: Recruitment, Employee of Record, HR outsourcing services; Payroll services, Visa and Dispatch, etc..

Resource: (as of June 2021)

  • Number of full-time staff
  • Number of short-term staff for outsourcing:
  • Network in xxx cities/ provinces of Vietnam

Financial information (as of June 2021), can be in VND/ in USD

  • Total Assets: xxx (Increased by ?% compared to previous year).
  • Revenue: xxx (Increased by ?% compared to previous year).
  • Monthly cash flow:
  • Profit before tax in 2020: (Increased by ? % compared to previous year).

Expected price:

  • Opt.1: 100%: Legal/ charter capital multiple with ? times.
  • Opt.2: > 51%: Legal/ charter capital multiple with ? times


Any support you may need, contact our expert now

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