Reasons to expand your business in Vietnam as foreign investors

When businesses have exhausted growth opportunities at home, they turn to global expansion to help grow their business.

For many companies, international expansion offers a chance to explore markets and gain access to millions of customers, thus increasing sales.

Once your company has been successful in your home country, it’s time to look at markets overseas. However, before you enter the new market, it’s vital to do research. Whether it’s looking at emerging markets in South America, advanced technology hubs in Asia or exploring developed markets in Europe, each region offers plenty of opportunities for expansion success.

Vietnam has become a safe and attractive destination for foreign investors.

You do not need to turn to tax havens for tax optimization, but may easily register your business in Vietnam, a country with stable economic a political situation.

GBS will assist you and your clients in establishing a company or buying a ready made one to start your business same day.

Moreover, GBS will help you open bank accounts. We cooperate with almost all banks in Vietnam.

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Foreign direct investment into Vietnam rose 3.8 percent from a year earlier to USD 10.5 billion in January-July 2021. Meanwhile, FDI pledges, which indicate the size of future FDI disbursements, dropped 11.1 percent in the year to $16.7 billion.

The manufacturing and processing sector is set to receive the largest amount of investment (47.2 percent of total pledges) followed by gas water and electricity distribution (32.8 percent). Singapore was the top source of FDI pledges, followed by Japan and South Korea.