Step by step guide to start a business in Vietnam

Here is our guide to starting a business in Vietnam as a foreigner.

Hopefully you will find it helpful, it will become better with your further questions and comments.


First of all, you will need legal advice from a law firm, such as GBS. We can help you to get information about:

  • Which industry should you invest in now?
  • Is there any regulation or change that might affect your business?
  • Which business areas are the Vietnamese Government encouraging foreign investors to engage in?
  • Which kind of company should you start?
    • Vietnamese company
    • Joint stock company
    • Wholly foreign-owned company
    • Foreign invested company
    • Joint Venture company
  • Which business that foreigners cannot own or to be part owners of in Vietnam?
  • How much is the minimum fund for your business?
  • What is the yearly tax rate? What is the rate for your business income tax?
  • Is there any special certificate for your business beside the company license?
  • How long does it take to finish the company license?
  • Are there any requirements in the Vietnamese Law about your company owner?
  • How to transfer money from Vietnam to overseas? How much is the fee and how does it work according to Vietnamese Law?
  • Is there any investment incentive for your business?
  • How do we take care of the monthly and yearly finance reports?
  • How does Vietnamese Law work in any commercial dispute?

As a professional law firm, GBS will suite to your needs. Our lawyer will give you advice, clarify all of your concerns and take care of your company license. Furthermore, we can help you with financial reports to show the Vietnamese Government and follow up with your business operation and always be there to advise your business.

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Our works with reliable and professional lawyer, all you need to do is tell us what you want, what you concerns are and we will arrange a meeting.


All information you get in step one is in order to run your business well and to ensure that you will not do anything that conflicts with Vietnamese law. This second step, the company license, is the key to run your business legally.

Depending on which type of business you are running, there is different pricing and time frames for receiving a company license in Vietnam. All our packages include getting your tax code and company stamp as well.


During the time you are waiting to get your license, we will help you on finding a place to have your office. If you are a service company, an advertising company or a restaurant, you should of course consider the downtown area, but if you have different needs such as peace and quiet or lots of space, we will have different suggestions.

Price: from $22 per sq.m for office building that located near the center in Ho Chi Minh City & Hanoi, from 32$ per sq.m for new office building. From $1,800 (even more) per month for a big house or villa to make an office.

The price includes security system fee, cleaner fee for office building, but does not include VAT.

If you don’t feel satisfied with the way your office looks when you move in, we will help you on finding an internal decoration company to make your office look just like you want it.


We will give you an idea on salaries for your staff and introduce you to a professional head hunting service to find you some great members for your company.


Now, everything is already set up, you already have company license, an office and staff. One more important thing that you must have is office equipment.


We suggest you use the Office full package with the download speed is from 3,072 Kbps. Set- up fee is from $170 and monthly fee is from $60/month

Office Stationary

We will provide you a good and professional purchaser, and every month, we will send you a stationary list, all you need to do is to send an email and we will deliver it to your door.


If your office is in an office building, then you don’t need to worry about what happens if the power is out. But in case you rent a private house to make your office, we will help you to choose a backup system that suits your needs.

Other Equipment

We will give you an idea about the cost for other necessary equipment

  • Office chair: from $20/ chair
  • Office desk: from $/ desk
  • Laptop: from $500$/ laptop
  • Conference table: from $150/table

We will help you to look and choose the best option for your office equipment.

This is just an overall look for setting up a company in Vietnam, we are one stop service provider to set up your company with a reasonable price; professional, quick and great service.

Any support you may need, please contact us today via: