Things you should know about M&A in Vietnam

Mergers & acquisitions are among the most complex business transactions in the business arena. Do you have the proper resources to evaluate the proposed transaction?

Too often mergers that look great on paper are fraught with problems that can lead to continuing difficulties in merging staff and operations, or even to failure. When working with your company to evaluate a merger or acquisition, M&A consulting firms can bring to bear its expertise in international investigations to evaluate strengths and weaknesses of either party. Some M&A consulting companies have worldwide network of investigators, lawyers, and financial professionals help ensure that there are no surprises after a merger.

They can help you identify the potential risks in a new deal so you can make decisions with your eyes open and necessary facts at your fingertips.

In general, the essential M&A support services are including:

  • An initial in-depth analysis of the potential target
  • Background investigations on corporate entities, including verification of business registration, review of legal and financial filings, and clarification of corporate structure (such as branches and affiliated companies)
  • Background investigations of corporate executives, including verification of career path and credentials, and review of civil and criminal records
  • Research and analysis of the reputation of the company and its principals
  • Research and analysis related to possible Foreign Corrupt Practices Act issues, to identify business connections of the company and its principals, including government links, directorships or relevant family ties
  • Focus on company subsidiaries, to avoid acquiring any legal issues or other problems along with the parent company

Mergers and acquisitions can be a tremendous opportunity for growth and beneficial for both M&A parties. However, “know before you grow” applies as much as caveat emptor.

Find a professional M&A expert, who can help you identify potential issues before you merge, to enable you to grow your business with confidence. If you expect to work with one of the Best M&A Consulting Companies in Vietnam, GBS could be a good choice.