Vietnam Representative Office Registration – Everything you should know

Vietnamese Government has issued new regulations on foreign representative offices and branch offices in Vietnam

The new regulations require a foreign company applying for a representative office or branch office license to submit a copy of its business registration certificate or the equivalent in accordance with the laws of the home country.

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If such documents have a validity period, the remaining validity period must be at least 1 year for a representative office application or 3 years for a branch office application. It is interesting to note that this requirement could effectively rule out the opening of representative offices in Vietnam by companies from China or Hong Kong or some countries where the laws provide for a validity period of only 1 year for business registration certificates, renewable upon payment of annual fees.

Our scope of works

In Vietnam, GBS is designated by many foreign investors as mutually agreed to provide service to establish a Representative Office in Vietnam with the scope and content as follows:

  • Providing the legal advice on establishment of a Representative Office of foreign trader in Vietnam;
  • Guiding the client to prepare documents that must be prepared by them for request for issuance of license for Representative Office establishment;
  • Preparing the applications, and other necessary documents for request for issuance of license for Representative Office establishment;
  • Representing client to work with competent authorities for performance of procedures for issuance of license for Representative Office establishment;
  • Representing the client to obtain license for Representative Office establishment; and
  • Supporting the client for registration of Representative Office’s seal
  • GBS’s strength’s lies in the attention to the specific demands of the client, as well as, in the support of our client’s business activities and developments in Vietnam.

The dossier must include:

  • An application for establishing Representative Office in Vietnam (GBS shall provide you the sample of application)
  • Copy of the Business Certificate or equivalent documents of the foreign company; legalized by Vietnamese Consular in your country;
  • A letter of appointment of the head of the Representative Office;
  • The audited Financial Report of the last fiscal year;
  • Copies of the passport or ID card (for Vietnamese) or copies of the passport (for foreigners) of the head of the representative office;
  • Documents on the expected location of the representative office including:
  • Certified copies of memorandum of understanding (MOU) or leasing agreements or documents as proof of the right to use a location as the representative office;
  • Power of Attorney.
    Within 07-10 working days from the filing date, you shall be granted the License for establishment of Representative Office in Vietnam.

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